analize that

We carry out step-by-step analysis of your project (current or draft)

Step 1: collect all the necessary info.

Step 2: define criteria to conduct the analysis.

Step 3: analyze market and make the list of your competitors.

Step 4: SWOT Analysis – You vs Competition.

Step 5: compile in-depth report, including full analitics, resume and action plan.


train your team

We examine your team as a whole and every member. Based on the results, we prepare training plan and train your team.

What we check:

– How your team members feel about their profession;

– How well they know the basics;

– How they communicate within the team.


marketing and commmunication

We analyze existing project (from its market potential perspective) or develop a new project together with you.

Based on the analysis, we develop strategy and outline communication agenda to improve your project or build a new one on the solid grounds.

Additionally, we can help to implement the entire developed strategy.


Happy Guest is the most loyal Ambassador of your Restaurant.

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